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Fig Review #1: Fan Central Elite Big Show

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

The undeniable powerhouse graces Mattel’s exclusive line for what is now his 8th Elite figure.

Big Show figs are hit or miss for a lot of collectors, but the “true-to-scale” height always seems to impress, and this release is no exception. In fact, Paul Wight’s 8th Elite is far and away the best the line has ever produced. Why?

• Head / Body Sculpt

Previous head sculpts have either featured the big man with an intense snarl or a cheesy grin. This latest, full bearded sculpt captures Show with a calm demeanor. While not as imposing, it’s not near as goofy looking as the previous 7 outings.

The body sculpt is completely unique, which is another reason this figure stands out from the pack. If the size alone doesn’t do it, the attention to detail does.

The figure also features a huge open hand, perfect for positioning a foe in the Chokeslam.

• Attire / Tattoos

His January 23, 2017 attire from Monday Night Raw is replicated true to form. Black with patriotic stars and stripes running down the sides. It’s interesting to note, this figure is under the label “2016.” This attire technically wasn’t debuted until 2017. A minor nit pick in an otherwise perfect package.

His shoulder tattoos are remarkable for their finite detail. Mattel has even included his “Bess” tat on the back of his neck.

• Accessory

Big Show comes with the coveted Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy, which has also made its way into the boxes of Cesaro and Mojo Rowley. Not quite as unique, but a sizable addition that matches its bedfellow.

Another timeline nit pick pops up with this though, as Show originally won the award in 2015. This leaves us with a 2017 attire, a 2015 accessory in a box labeled “2016.”

• Packaging

Upon release, this was the first wave of “Fan Central” Elites, and the packaging was strikingly noticeable compared to other incarnations of the line.

The FC series matches Mattel’s new “boxy” style which seems to be an advantage for shipping and peg stocking alike. A simpler take on the box, which goes a long way.

It also features the unique orange coloring, making the set truly feel different, limited and special.

• Demand

Perhaps the most interesting note about this figure was the timing of its release. The Toys ‘R’ Us Exclusive line popped up on shelves right as the company had declared bankruptcy, making the first wave of the set hard to find in most cases.

If you’re interested in purchasing one, you won’t find it in any stores near you. Secondary market watches see these figures at a relative markup. eBay is your best bet, with an asking price of $35 shipped.


Considering all these intangibles, this Show release has gotten over with me in a BIG way. From the size to the hard-to-find nature, this figure is a winner in almost every category.

The only drawbacks are the questionable timeline references, and that’s enough to make a dent in the overall review.

Verdict: 4.5 / 5

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