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Randy Savage was a megastar in professional wrestling, but his 1993 was exceptionally lackluster.

Seemingly in the dog house, Savage was stashed away, put on commentary, used sparingly in the ring and never given
the proper treatment a star of his caliber deserved. The company was focusing on youth, but he still wanted to go,
and proved that by leaving the WWF for their biggest rival, World Championship Wrestling, soon after.

But what could have been? What would’ve happened had Savage been booked differently?

Let’s hop in the time machine and take a peek at what ’93 might’ve looked like had
Macho Man Randy Savage been a more featured player.
Hey… what if?


It's every man for himself and the beginning of the trend that would see the winner of the Royal Rumble go on to face the Champion

at Wrestlemania.

Randy Savage would eliminate Yokozuna
in dramatic fashion to finally win the
Rumble match.

Wrestlemania IX would get a shot in the arm as The Bad Guy would face The Macho Man.

Savage would ride the lightning and

once again obtain the WWF gold.


The King of the Ring tournament would

crown a #1 contender for Randy Savage's
World title belt.

Bret "The Hitman" Hart would win the event
and face Savage on the July 5th episode of Monday Night Raw, in the first ever live televised World championship match.

Savage would win, but be attacked
by Yokozuna.

The biggest match of the Summer would

feature Yokozuna holding the
WWF World title hostage.

The Macho Man would save the day by body-slamming his massive foe, dropping an elbow and hoisting the belt once again.


The battle may have been won at
but the war had just begun.


Survivor Series '93 hosted a traditional
5-on-5 elimination main event and ended
the feel good year on a sour note.

The Undertaker would turn heel and
the dark side as Team Savage
would suffer defeat.

What would 1994 hold in store for WWF's megastar?

Quite possibly a feud with The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels? Or maybe something else entirely?

One thing's for certain, the WWF would sorely miss Savage.


His contract would expire in October of that year and the rest, as they say, was history.
He would never return to the company that helped solidify him as an icon.

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