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Imagine if the world of Wrestlemania was flipped on its head.

What if Hulkamania didn't run as wild? What if other stars were able

to shine on the grandest stage? What kind of dream matches

could we have seen?? Hey... what if?

Journey into the past, and let's reimagine Wrestlemania.


Picture this: Roddy Piper is WWF World Champion. He faces Hulk Hogan mano a mano for the belt at the very first Wrestlemania.

The Hulkster's would-be victory is stomped out by the shocking arrival of Bruiser Brody.

Hulk Hogan has finally captured the World
title and must defend it against his biggest threat yet. Inside of a steel cage even.


Brody vs. Hogan headlines Wrestlemania 2.


The Hulkster wouldn't stick around for a third Wrestlemania. He would leave the company for the greener pastures of Hollywood.

It was up to the biggest stars in the biz to make the third annual event a powerhouse extravaganza.

With two titles on the line, and the three biggest names in the Federation in one match, the Silverdome remains packed.

Randy Savage would win the WWF and Intercontinental championships at Wrestlemania 3, but would soon leave the WWF due to creative differences.


Roddy Piper would leave for film.


This left the WWF in a pickle for faces. Luckily they had a white meat baby face in the way of Ricky Steamboat. His corronation would begin.


The Dragon would lead the company into 1989, but he would be closely followed by a snake.

Roberts vs. Steamboat would headline the
5th anniversary show.


Wrestlemania VI would need to pack a powerful punch to up the ante on years prior.


Bringing with him all that Hollywood steam, The Hulkster would reemerge for this special one-off, star-studded date.


He would also leave as the champ.
Even in alternate universes,
Hulkamania runs wild.


As soon as he came, he left. Hogan drops the World belt again in favor of filming movies.


The next two biggest names are there to
pick up the pieces.


The Warrior and The Snake battle it out
at the LA Coliseum.

It's the return of the Hot Rod!


Roddy Piper would win the 1992 Royal Rumble and become World Champion for the 2nd time, but the debuting "real world's champion" would give him a run for his money.


It's Piper. It's Flair.


It's Wrestlemania VIII.


Ric Flair's WWF run was in full swing by 1993.


The Nature Boy is made the man for the WWF, no questions asked. He rides the title belt into Wrestlemania 9 only to be cut short by the heavily pushed, heavily favored Undertaker.

It's the biggest match in the past 10 years.

FINALLY! In a WWF ring, Flair and Hogan
would square off for the 10th anniversary
of the show of shows.


With older talent leaving and younger talent not quite being ready for the main slot, a
tag team match between the two biggest
names was a logical option.


Tag Team wrestling was front and
center for Wrestlemania XI, featuring the larger than life battle of behemoth forces.

The rising youth movement would get it's shot at headlining the grand daddy of 'em all.

The Undertaker and Bret Hart would captivate a live crowd for 60 minutes.


The Undertaker would continue to roll at Wrestlemania, becoming the Champion for his 2nd reign.


As the movie career would wind down,
Hulk Hogan came back to doing what he does best... pissing people off!


He would turn heel and set up a run against
the company's top face, Bret "The Hitman" Hart.


The real life animosity would propel this as being worthy of the main event slot.

The rise of Stone Cold was inevitable and it was only natural to pit the biggest rising star off against the absolute biggest star.


The dream match would happen.


For all the marbles.


The results would be the same.



Mick Foley would get a well deserved chance
at headlining the event with the champ,
Steve Austin.


Unfortunately for Mick the crowd was still with
the Texas Rattlesnake.


Austin wins.

It was a match so huge that it demanded a 2nd round. This time... Career vs. Career.


A stunner would put the Hulkster
on permanent hiatus.


Surprisingly, The Undertaker had remained undefeated at Wrestlemania.


He would remain undefeated at the big one, knocking off the toughest S.O.B. in a bloody, raucous Texas brawl for the ages. 

Bret Hart had been true to the WWF all these years. He would be rewarded with yet another title run, and better yet, a headlining spot in his home country of Canada.


It would be Experience vs. Youth
at Wrestlemania 18.


Experience would execute a victory.


The time had finally come. The meeting
we thought we'd never see.


A Rain City encounter that would feature
two dark forces.


The Undertaker would add to
his collection of Wrestlemania heads with a decisive pinfall.

Returning from rival WCW, and having

a very bitter relationship with the Hitman, Shawn Michaels would enter the WrestleMania main event scene in this massive triple threat match.


The 20th anniversary would honor professional wrestling in all it's glory.


The champ going in would remain the same.


A dream match. A ladder match. Two absolute showstoppers. One massive stage.


Los Angeles would be front row for one of the
most spectacular matches in WrestleMania history.


Michaels would become champion for the first time.


The boyhood dream...

In yet another colossal showdown,

a Streak vs. Streak match would be set
for 'Mania 22.


Superhuman powers would collide, but only one man could be victorious. Leave it to WWF to put their man over.


Undertaker wins.


On the 20th anniversary of the first

World / I.C. title triple threat match, they would have another.


And for the second time, the I.C. champion
would walk away with it all.

It was a night of celebration in one of the most beautiful settings. What better way to go out than to an absolute classic between two old rivals.


Sting and Flair would headline the show.


The Stinger would get his hand raised in victory, and would get the last match of
Ric Flair's wrestling career.


Youth was more of the focus this time around.


Edge had blossomed into a full fledged villain,
while the WWF's latest unstoppable face
was AJ Styles.

The match would steal the show.

Speaking of stealing the show, there was no more anticipated bout than that of
Y2J vs. The Deadman.


Jericho's superior heel work would build the hype for this match into a frenzy.


The results would be the same as any other year though.

Taker leaves with the W.


Jeff Hardy needed some love, and the fans were all about the Charismatic Enigma.


Rey Mysterio would put his title on the line against Hardy plus two others in the first Fatal 4-way main event for the show.

Hardy would capture WWF gold.

A part-time return by Steve Austin meant
only one thing. A dream match with
CM Punk.


The combustible personas clicked like no other and the main event match
HAD to be showcased properly.



The first go round was so successful,
it demanded a second helping.


Austin would agree.


Twice in a lifetime!

The wily veteran and Olympic gold medalist had positioned himself once again at the top of the food chain. Looming in the background though would be a challenger he could not beat.

Angle vs. Undertaker would be
revered by many as an all-time best.


The streak would stay alive.


Wrestlemania 31 wanted to prove who
really was the best in the world.

Three amazing in-ring talents would
showcase their skills in front of the world.

The time had finally come for this legend to
put it all on the line. HBK would go out in style, in Dallas, TX, against AJ Styles in a dream match and one dandy of a finale.

He would ride off into the Texas sunset.


Supernatural. Other worldly.

Finn Balor had stepped up to take
the mantle of the WWF's dark aura.

The match would end with a double pinfall.
Both men would win. The Undertaker would
finally call it quits and leave Wrestlemania
with an unblemished record.


New Orleans would be treated to a clinic.

April 8, 2018 would go down as the day The Bullet Club arrived. Styles would be betrayed and Balor would become a heel.


Over the course of a year, WWF's main heel would evolve into their biggest star. Unfortunately for him, he had a Monster to deal with.

Strowman vs. Balor headlines XXV and the
Strowman era takes shape.


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